Clifftop Yoga


Wellbeing is a critical part of the services we provide to our members.

We take our time in getting to know each practitioner to make sure we are aligned in our thinking and objective.

Each practitioner comes with a good knowledge and experience in their area of speciality.

You can rest assured, you are in good hands.


You may join them in our virtual group sessions or engage directly to arrange 1-2-1 sessions at your convenience at subsidises rates.

Smiling Colleague

Specialist Coaching

Our large database of professionals gives us access to some great minds.

Experienced entrepreneurs, Business owners, and advisors from various sectors come together to offer our members expert coaching and advice.

They host interactive sessions and webinars where you can learn and have questions answered.

You may also hire them at subsidised rates for 1-2-1 guidance.

Whether you just have an idea, are a start-up or need advice in how to commercialise and create a sustainable business; speak with any of these experts to save time, mitigate risk and get a true assessment of the possibilities. Be able to predict the future of your business.