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6 things you only know if you’re a freelancer

  1. You work more hours than when you were employed;

  2. You suddenly become the go-to person to take in parcels for the entire neighbourhood;

  3. You don’t have a payday anymore;

  4. Everyone thinks you can run errands, clean the house and meet them for coffee, since you’re at home all day anyway;

  5. You haven’t spoken to an adult for days and all your friends live on the internet;

  6. You live on cups of tea and the biscuit tin is always calling you.

When you escape employed life to go freelance you dream of lie ins and Friday afternoon trips to the cinema, with nobody to control your hours. Without office politics or pointless meetings to keep you busy you’ll get your work done in no time then clock off to do the school run and cook a healthy dinner from scratch.

Some days it does work out like that but if you aren’t careful what actually happens is that you sit at home spending a lot more time on marketing and accounts than you imagined, taking in everyone’s parcels and doing the laundry.

Of course, you can always come to CambridgeSpace to escape the delivery driver and get some adult conversation!

What would you add to the list?