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CambridgeSpace puts member safety first!

As one of the first coworking spaces to take action at the start of lockdown, CambridgeSpace is now stepping into creating a safe environment for members of their community to return to The Space on 1st July 2020. Based in the heart of Cambridge, The Space has been redesigned to meet social distancing criteria in line with Health & Safety Executive’s guidance to ensure the social distancing criteria can be met and member’s health and safety is not compromised.

CambridgeSpace continued to support its community during lockdown through social events and as part of the return to The Space program, are launching a virtual community that existing and new members can subscribe to. The company recognises that not everyone will be comfortable returning to a physical work space and wants to continue to support all members to feel part of a community.

A key aspect of the service that CambridgeSpace prides itself on is wellbeing at work. This ethos is at the core of the services that CambridgeSpace will be offering through its virtual program. Details of how this will work are being shared in our next post, so watch this space!