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4 things you might miss when you go self employed

  1. Payday - there’s something very reassuring about a guaranteed regular income. You might have the capacity to earn much more by yourself but it’s all a bit uncertain, especially at first.

  2. IT support - and the accounts department, sales team, admin team… the list goes on. Now it’s all up to you, so what will you do if the computer dies?

  3. Being told what to do - nobody likes to be micromanaged but some people do enjoy knowing what the big picture is and where they fit into it. Take away that structure and you might feel a bit lost.

  4. Chatting over a coffee - you’ve finally got away from the office politics and that annoying person who always used the last of the milk, but now you haven’t spoken to an adult in days. Working alone can be isolating if you don’t take steps to make sure you keep in touch.

Leaving a corporate job to set up your own business can be a daunting prospect. Having the right team to support you is vital and joining a community like ours is a great place to start.

There’s always someone who has just the skills or contacts that you need, and tea and biscuits aren’t far away either.