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Have you been asked to work from home?

There are all sorts of reasons why you could be asked to stay at home, from office refurbishment to train strikes. Whatever the reason, few people are sorry to miss a long commute!

The problem is, if you don’t usually work from home then you won’t be set up for it. It’s easy to find yourself hunched on your bed, laptop balanced precariously on your knees and no printer to hand.

Not a very productive way to spend the day. Especially when you really want a cup of tea but daren’t go to the kitchen in case you get distracted by chores or kids.

The answer is coworking at CambridgeSpace! With the most economical ‘pay as you go’ options in Cambridge, there’s no need for a long term commitment.

Imagine being able to give your sore back a rest and sit on a comfy, ergonomic chair instead of on your bed. We have fast broadband, big monitors, plenty of free tea and coffee and absolutely no distraction other than our monthly Cake o’clock, Drinks o’clock and member lunches!

When you need a space to work, no matter how unexpected, you’ll be welcome at CambridgeSpace.