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We're Open! And cleaner than ever.

It's the first week of July and we're open once again. We've been closed since 17th March, so it's a huge relief to have the space open again.

There are mixed feelings from the team and members alike, as the nature of Covid-19 makes things uncertain. But we've been strict about the distancing - we've halved the amount of desks to allow for 2 metres between each desk. We have added new cleaning regimes and we've instilled new behaviours to help prevent the spread of the virus.

We got a huge buzz on day 1; simply having a different place to work other than home, but also seeing the space and chatting to members in person for a change gave us a warm fuzzy feeling. The socially distanced lunch space worked well (but we still hope Selwyn College will be able to safely open for lunch soon). The grass looks amazing, so it will be great to have lunch there once the showers stop.

We're getting a slow trickle of interest from new members, particularly remote workers who need a local space that's more productive than home.

We're also really excited about the virtual membership we will be launching soon. It's been our first journey into offering an app and it's certainly not as easy as you'd hope, but it is a fascinating experience. We can't wait to unleash the wellbeing and productivity practitioners that we've already signed up for classes and talks. Watch this space!